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Stop Striving, Start Listening

hearing from GodBe still and know that I am God ~ Psalm 46:10

I love that verse.  In fact, I love that whole passage.  The whole Psalm is amazing.  It is such an awesome reminder to me.  This morning I woke up and did my daily routine.

  • turned off the alarm
  • got out of bed
  • tried to quietly sneak down the creaky steps
  • flipped on the keurig
  • waited with arms crossed for the keurig to say, ‘ready to brew’
  • fixed my cup of coffee
  • headed to my office

Every day that is my routine.  Yet this morning I heard God whispering to me saying, “Be still and know that I am God.  I’m the one who holds this world together.  I’m the one who woke you up this morning.  I’m the one who is going to give you strength to make it through the day.  I’m the one who is going to protect your family.  I’m the one who is going to be the provider.  You don’t need to do that. Continue reading

Puddles and Perspective

As many of you know, my life is in the midst of a major transition.  Recently I have resigned from my position as youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Doylestown and I have accepted an associate pastor position at Liquid Church in Morristown NJ.  My life meets the pre-req’s for the term transitional to apply.  I am living in one state, and working in another.  Our front yard is decorated with a large “for sale” sign.  The attic is ready to explode with the amount of boxes that are shoved up in there.

Our life is in the midst of a transition.

Transitions are crazy right?  If you’ve been through one, then you know what I am talking about.  Some of you may have moved, changed jobs, or added children to your family–all of these things create a massive disruption to your version of normal.  I was on the phone this morning and I said, “I can’t wait to get back to a version of normal”.  See, normal is relative.  Right now is anything but normal.  That is okay–because it is a time of transition.  Right now, I can say to myself, NORMAL WILL RETURN!

But, during this time of transition, life is crazy!  I am driving more now than I have ever driven before.  I am learning a whole new language, a new organization, and a new work culture.  I am farther from home more often than ever before.  Things do not feel normal.

In the midst of this transition there are several things that are constant.  I am still a dad to my three kids, and I am still a husband.  This has not changed, nor will it ever change.  The hard part is trying to figure out how to balance being the best daddy to these three precious children and being the best husband to my wife all while living in the midst of crazy amounts of commotion.

Daddy and KidsStarting last week our church kicked off a Wednesday night worship and prayer service as a part of our Revive Series.  It will run up until the week before Easter.  The idea is that on Wednesday we would fast and pray and end our day with corporate prayer and worship.  (Aussie Dave blogged about it here.)  Last week was my first week at Liquid, and my first week participating in the church wide fast.   We were challenged by Pastor Tim to pray about what we should fast and bring before God.  I knew quickly what I was fasting for.  It was clear, and obvious.  I was to be fasting for my wife and my kids.  I specifically was asking God to watch over and protect my family.  I was asking God to meet their needs since I couldn’t.  Simply put, it was me asking God to do what I couldn’t.

That Wednesday afternoon I had to walk to the store to get some ice for the evening, and I was praying for Grace, my 5 year old.  She was having a particularly hard day emotionally.  I was on my way back from the 7-11, awkwardly carrying three bags of ice when I noticed several common sparrows flitting about on the ground ahead of me.  I paused to watch them for just a few brief moments and then I noticed what they were doing.

Birds on the SidewalkThe sparrows were dancing around a small puddle that had formed in the low area of the sidewalk, and they were drinking from this pool.  I watched one sparrow in particular crane its neck forward in order to swallow up a small amount of water.  I was reminded in that moment how much God cared for these sparrows.  Those sparrows were being taken care of by God through that puddle. I thought of my daughter, Grace, and how much I wanted God to take care of her emotions.  I thought of my wife, Tiffany, and how much I wanted God to give her strength.  I thought of my son, Noah, and how much I wanted God to protect him and watch over him.  I thought of my 1 year old daughter, Leah, and how much I wanted her to know that her daddy loves her.

And then I thought of how much God takes care of these sparrows.  I was reminded of what Jesus says in Matthew 10:29-31,

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?  And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.  But even the hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

It was in that moment that God comforted me and reminded me that they are really his children, and He’s got it all under control.  Even when I don’t feel it!  Tiffany is His daughter whom He values more than I ever could.

It still feels crazy.  But I am thankful that God is a God who handles all of the transitions.


Life Lesson=$11.88

Today I went out and spent $11.88.  I was truly a big spender this morning.  I traveled to my local WalMart, and bought my two children their own full fledge pool.  How fantastic is that?  Seriously, they have their own pool, snack shop, and lifeguard service for a one time deal of $11.88.  You too can have this deal if you run, don’t walk, to the closest WalMart.  Anyhow, all exageration aside, Tiffany and I decided that it would be fun for our kids to have a little baby pool in the back on our deck.  So we went out, and reluctantly I bought this thing.  I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t to thrilled at purchasing this oversized plastic dog dish.  But you should have heard Noah when I Jammed it in the back of our cruiser.  (aka, minivan)  He goes like this,


You would have thought that I bought him the moon or something really significant.  “It Blue” he says.  “It Blue mommy.  WOW”  So, that cheered me up a little bit.  We are driving home, and my wife turns to the kids and in the traditional always excited mommy voice, she says, “Who wants to go swimming when we get home.”  I looked over at her, and didn’t even say a thing.  I looked back at the road, and knew full well what was ahead of me when I got home.  In my mind, things were racing through my block head as to why we shouldn’t fill it up and use it today.  It’ll be too cold, it’s to close to lunch/naptime… and all the other reasons I could fabricate.  However, I didn’t say anything.  First smart move all day. 

Well, cut to the chase, we got home and I performed dutifully, I filled the pool, and even heated it for them.  I put their slide into the pool and then we let them at it.  Well, this was the greatest thing that we could have ever done for both of these kids.  They loved it.  They went down the slide, splashed water, they were giggling and laughing and having an amazing time. 

Well, you know how you learn stuff from your kids.  Yeah, well today was one of those moments for me.  My kids were living in that moment.  They were just laughing and they were focused on the here and the now.  They didn’t allow the thought of the ever approaching nap time spoil their fun.  They weren’t thinking about what they were going to have to eat for dinner.  They weren’t worried about if their pool was as cool as the neighbors pool, or if their swim suit flattered their particular build.  No.  They lived in the moment.  They splashed it up.  They laughed and slid into the pool.  They taught me a huge lesson.

How often do we sit around and look at other people’s stuff, and say to ourselves, man that would be great.  I wish that I had that.  My car isn’t as good as theirs.  Or if only I looked more like Brad Pitt, or whatever holllywood A lister you long to be.  When we do that kind of a thing, we are completely blowing off what God has given us right now, what we have been blessed with today. 

For me, I will never forget this day, the day that $11.88 thrilled my kids beyond belief.  God has given each of us so much, yet all to often we look at it and say, why isn’t it better?  Or more like that persons. 

Live in today.  Live today to the max.  Don’t let tomorrows worries encroach upon all of the fun and blessings that are in front of you right now.  Hmm.  Sounds almost Biblical huh?  Something like, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”  (Matthew 6:34)   

So, anyhow, I can tell you where to get a sweet deal on a baby pool! 

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