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Is More Enough


It’s easy to focus on what you don’t have, isn’t it?  I can go through every area of my life and tell you what’s missing in that area, or what I could stand to have more of. It doesn’t matter if it is finances, health, friendships, marriage, your children, or your job.  Every area of life can be easily picked apart and found wanting more.

Have you ever felt this way?  Wondering why your life doesn’t have more?  Maybe for you its more money.  Why is it that your money doesn’t seem to go far enough?  If only you had more money.  Or it could be your kids…  Does it seem like they don’t listen enough?  If they would only obey more.

More is a relative term.

More makes me feel good only until I realize that someone else has a bit more than me. The amount of more that once made me happy no longer satisfies the inner quest for more.  Beware there is a steel trap baited with “more”.  It is waiting to sink it’s teeth into you holding you captive at the allure of having more.

You would be wise to not ask how much more will be enough, rather ask the question, how much do I already have?  Do it…  Take an inventory of whatever area of your life that you are tempted by the allure of more.  Don’t be afraid of what the answer may be.

Focusing on what we don’t have causes us to easily miss what we do have. 

I mentioned that for me I could go through every area of my life and find a way to have more of it.  For example, I could say for my relationships I wish I had more friends. But let me think about what I currently have. I have two, possibly three guys who if I called right now they would answer no matter what. They would take a bullet for me and are loyal no matter what. I have people who care about me and my family and show that on very tangible ways. Somewhere along the line three guys doesn’t seem like enough. Would I want six guys?  Of course I would. But I’ll tell you what, I’m grateful for these three. So do I focus on the three that I don’t have, or the three I do have?

Your focus is your choice. It’s up to you to decide what you will choose to think about. You can dial it in however you like. For sure, some days are harder than others, but the choice is yours.

Which area of life do you most often feel nagged by the trap of wanting more?  What can you focus on today to avoid the snare of more?


People Watching: Everyone Does It

people-pano2_31297People are funny.  Aren’t they?  They say some really funny things.  I have an austrailian friend who likes to say “Good on you”.   And another Australian friend that greets me by saying, “Hey Mate”.  And yet another friend from Korea that would occasionaly say thank you in Korean–“gamsahabnida”.  These guys are unique and have different backgrounds and experiences than me.  Yet, there is something about the way that they talk that identifies them.

Having grown up in New York, just outside of Queens, I got used to people calling me Peeta…  Yes… they would say it just like the character from the Hunger Games…  It was a thick accent.  And anytime I hear someone call me Peta now, I know immedaitely where they are from.  Their is no hiding it.  It brings me right back…

And the same goes to all of you saying, “Ya’ll”.  We know where you’re from too… There is no hiding from that one!  You can’t deny it.

People are identified by their behavior & speech.

It tells us something about your past.  It tells us something about your present.  And sometimes it even tells us something about your future.  There are times when even a persons attitude gives you an inclination of where they are from.  Ever met anyone from Philly?

Christ followers should also be identified by their speech and behavior.  Jesus says,

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.

John 13:34-35

When Peter was in the midst of denying Jesus for the third time, some people around him said, “even the way that you talk gives you away.”  Basically, we can tell you’ve been with Jesus.  You talk like Him!

What does your attitude say about you?  What do you sound like?  When you speak, can people tell that you follow Jesus?   I wish that people were able to identify me as a follower of Jesus simply because of the way that I talk.  Or that they would know my love for my savior because of the love that I have for my wife and kids.  Imagine what it would be like to be known as a follower of Jesus because of the way that you care for the poor, and the hurting.

People are watching.  They are investigating, trying to figure out who you are and what you’re about.  Let’s live, speak and act in a way that points people to Jesus.



Hurry Up and Slow Down

When was the last time that you didn’t feel like life was busy?  Elementary school, maybe?  Remember the summers when you would have to figure out what day it was by how long ago you went to church?  Not anymore… Welcome to adulthood- the era of busyness.  We live in an extraordinarily busy world.  Our culture values motion and movement.  There is not a lot of time allotted for stillness and quiet conversations.  Our calendars are pushed and filled to the max with the craftsmanship of a master carpenter.

There is not much that we can do to avoid the busyness of life.  Busyness is not a plague that you should avoid.  Busyness doesn’t always equal productivity, but it certainly can lead in that direction.  I’ve seen a lot of people who look busy, but really all they are doing is shuffling papers, or sending meaningless emails.  I call this making white noise.  However, there are those people who are busy changing the world with their motion and commotion.  I know many people like that.  In fact I work with lots of them.  They are some of the most incredibly talented people that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across.  They are working hard at what they do and that keeps them busy. Continue reading

Celebrate The Moments Of Life

This year my wife, Tiffany, and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I’m telling you, it is something worth celebrating!  Life together has been filled with joy, laughter, surprises, blessings, tears both good and bad, satisfaction, and excitement.  So there is a lot to celebrate!  Plus, let’s just be honest, anyone that can put up with me for 10 years deserves to celebrate!

celebrateI’m a big fan of celebrating.  I think that we need to celebrate more things, more often!  Time has a funny way of ticking without stopping.  It goes on and on and on.  It never asks if you are ready for it to continue.  (Nor does it ever ask if you would like it to speed up either!)  Celebration causes you to focus intently on the object, achievement, or person that you are rejoicing over.  Celebration begs you to sit and revel in the goodness of the moment.  Celebration draws you into a posture of thankfulness.  I love that about celebration. Continue reading

Signs of Life

spring flowersTwo weeks ago one of my coworkers was leading a team huddle at my church and she asked a very profound question. As you know we are all itching for spring to arrive. It really is just about here, I can smell it in the air.  The massive snow dunes are melting. I love to watch them shrink each week.  Another thing I look forward to is the first buds on the trees. You know when you can see just that little glimmer of green on the branches? It’s another sign that spring is about to arrive.

So onto the question she asked us was, “where do you see signs of life in your own life?”?

Boom! That one hit me square between the eyes. I thought about my own life and wondered where do I see signs of life? And what am I looking for? How do I know that what I see is what I should be seeing? Continue reading

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