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Is Your Life As Ridiculous As This Video?

I’m not gonna lie, this was one of those days that it was really fun to go into ‘work’.  Check out this video that the other Campus Pastor’s and I shot for our Family Ministry.


I would like to actually raise a technicality.  I don’t think that my behavior in that event was actually dishonorable.  Come on people, we are in North Jersey.  Nutley rep’s people from Newark, Patterson, and a ton of other places.  I didn’t draw blood, knock anyone out, or damage property.  I think that I played pretty fairly.

It is a good thought though…

I wonder if we played back a video of our actions from this past day if they would look as ridiculous as this video does.  Sometimes I wonder if God is watching us scratching His head saying, what in the world are you doing?  I gave you all those talents, gifts, and abilities, and this is what you do with them?  You are behaving like such a child.

And that is why I am so thankful for God’s love, grace, and forgiveness.  Because I know that there have been more than just one or two of those moments where the video feed from my life looks exactly like this video–ridiculous.

So, what about you?  How have you been?  Do you deserve the dishonorable sign?


Logos of Major Brands– It’s Time To Be Honest…

Let’s just be honest, these logo’s reflect a bit more accurately what’s actually going on.  These were too good not to share.

Funny Nintendo Logo

Funny Playstation Logo

Funny Youtube Logo

Funny MTV Logo

Funny McDonalds Logo

Funny Facebook Logo

Windows Logo Redesigned

What brands are missing?  What would you tag them as?



(designed by: Victor H.)

Averagé > Hipster

I work with a bunch of rockstars here at Liquid Church.  I mean seriously, look at this guy!  Pastor Aussie Dave not only has a heart for worship, but he has a heart for shredding!

Pastor Dave Adamson

Pastor Dave Adamson

Then there is this guy.  Pastor Tom is nothing but energy and personality!  I love being around him.  You are sure to have a good time and be cared about along the way.  I mean his twitter name is @kangsta!  Who wouldn’t love a guy with the name @Kangsta?

Tom Kang, Kangsta

I could go on…

The only thing that would make these guys any better was if they wore a little more Averagé.  Because Averagé > Hipster.  And here’s the proof.


(ht: Tyler Stanton’s blog  He’s hysterical!  Show him some love…)

I couldn’t be more proud of my boy!

In a recent parent teacher conference Noah’s teacher said that she has never had a student care about others like Noah does. WOW, right? I mean as a parent I am so proud of him.  I was expecting to hear that my kid was the weird kid that stands in front of the urinal with his pants at his ankles.  AWKWARD.  But no!  Instead she surprises us with great stuff!  Then, I get this video from Tiffany today.  This just put me over the edge.  So, indulge me for a minute.

I could not be more proud of Noah, not because he wants to follow in my footsteps, but because God is developing a really soft spot in his heart for people! I LOVE THIS about him.  This reminds me to keep praying for each one of my kids.  I love them, and believe that God has something really special in store for each of them.

What are you praying about for your kids?  


Instructions on Becoming the Ultimate Youth Pastor

I was told about this video by this guy.  I knew it had to be funny.  It was too funny not to share.  A whole post could be written about some of the sad truths displayed in this video.  However, that will be saved for later.  But for now, enjoy a good laugh!

What was your favorite line?


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