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Follow Friday


It’s Friday, which means it’s time to share the great things that you have found and are enjoying this week.  Here are a few things that I have been finding helpful.

Blog:  Ron Edmondson

Ron has been blogging for quite a while and has a massive amount of really helpful content for leaders.  I love reading his insights each day.  Ron is the pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church.  I watched this interview with him and got really interested in following him.  I’d recommend that you check out his blog!

Ron Edmondson Blog

Twitter: Paul Tripp

Not only does this guy have an EPIC mustache but he has some incredible insights too!  Paul wrote a great book called Dangerous Calling.  If you are in ministry, this is a must read!  Check out Paul on Twitter.

Paul Tripp

Podcast: The Moth

The Moth is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the art of telling stories.  The Moth has presented thousands of true stories.  “The storyteller and the audience embark on a high-wire act of shared experience which is both terrifying and exhilarating.”  Check out this podcast.

The Moth Podcast

Don’t be stingy, share the things that you’ve found to be fun, challenging, or helpful!  I’d love to hear what you’re reading!



Follow Friday

followfridayIt is that time again.  Good news people, it is FRIDAY!  So here are a few things that I have found helpful this week.  I’d love to hear who you are learning from, listening to, and loving this week.  Also, what website or blog is a must read for you?  Time to circle the wagons and share around the camp fire.

Here’s what I have found to be helpful…


Josh is a good dude.  He’s a great pastor, and he is new to the blogging world.  He has some really great thoughts that have challenged me to think.  I love a blog that at the end of the post, I am left thinking about and reflecting on my own life.  His definitely does that.  This is a blog that I’m excited to track with from the beginning…  (make sure to check out his most recent post about life and raisin bran crunch)

Josh Hathaway

Twitter: Rich Villodas

Rich is the lead pastor at New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NYC.  He has an awesome outlook on what it means to be healthy, spiritually and mentally.  He is one smart dude for sure.  I find that he encourages me to walk closer with Jesus, and so for that I am grateful!  Check him out…

Rich Villodas

Book:  Chasing the Dragon

This is an incredible story about how one woman stood up to the drug dens in Hong Kong and rescued so many children from their grips.  It is an incredibly inspiring book of this woman who gave her life to serving Jesus and how she served Him…  This book has been challenging to me, and is one of those stories that inspires me to GO and to serve and love others well.  It is a great read… You can pick it up here.

Jackie Pullinger

Resource: Do’s and Don’ts for Supporting a Grieving Loved One

I came across this article and found it to be incredibly helpful.  Cristi gave words to so many of my own feelings I had when my Dad passed away.  It was a great reminder to me though about how to really take care of people who have lost someone they love… Please, do me a favor and read this.  Especially if you HAVEN’T lost someone you love yet.  All of us who have, will thank you!



So, there it is!  This weeks rundown.  Now, I would love to hear about what has been helpful for you this week.  Drop a comment below.


Follow Friday


followfridayHere it is… It is Friday again people!  We have reached the weekend.  So, likely this week you found a few quality items out there on the internet!  Do us a favor and share them with us here.  There are two ways you can do this, write your own “Follow Friday” post on your blog and drop your link in the tool at the bottom of this post, or leave a comment down below…

Here’s what I’ve found to be super helpful this week.


This is a fun little blog (not so little at all actually).  They do a great job of pulling together some really funny videos, and pictures.  This is a great site to check out after a long hard day at work.  So go check it out and enjoy a few good laughs!

22words blog

Twitter: Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels has easily been one of the men who has influenced me and my leadership.  I am so grateful for this man.  I have attended the Global Leadership Summit for many years now and have found that to be amazing.  However, my favorite speaker each and every year without a doubt is Bill.  I love the way that Bill is compassionate and real.  He oozes with practical wisdom.  And now you can get that hand delivered to your twitter feed… FOLLOW Bill Hybels.

Bill Hybels Twitter

Book: Let Hope In

Pete Wilson is another one of my favorites.  I love the way that this dude loves his wife, his kids, and the church.  The thing I love about Pete is that he does it in that order.  Pete is not only a great pastor, but he is also an incredible writer.  Pete has written a few books, but his most recent book Let Hope In has already proven to be incredible in my life.  I am only 50 pages in and I can’t wait to read more!  This is a must read…  You can be certain that there will be a few posts here that are centered around some quotes out of this book!

Pete Wilson, Book, Let Hope In


I found this website from a co-worker the other day.  It is so simple and so easy to use.  I love it.  I am planning a potluck style dinner at my house for our Nutley staff team. And because I don’t particularly care for everyone’s favorite-Aunt-Millie’s Casserole, I turned to perfect potluck.  Perfect Potluck lets me set the menu and those who are invited are able to ‘sign-up’ to bring something to contribute towards the meal.  Hence, no more Sunday After Church basement church potluck’s comprised of all side dishes.

Resource: iTunes Radio

Wow, do I love this!  I have subscribed to iTunes match and this made my life even better.  As you know I have been trying to become more self-disciplined (read about it here, and here).  Well, iTunes radio has helped me get through the running portion of that self-discipline.  If you listen to music when you exercise I highly recommend this.  They have some great stations that play a variety of music.  I love it!  Some of my favorite channels right now are “Rev it Up” (exercise), “Chill Out: Ambient”, (writing) and my create your own collection: “Zion radio” (made up of stuff like Hillsong United), and “Fix You radio” (Made up of stuff like Coldplay).

iTunes Match

Your turn!  Who are you following, reading, listening to, discussing, or being impacted by?  Or, what tools are you using to help you be more productive?


Follow Friday

followfridayHere it is… It is friday again time for some community development.  Who are you guys listening to and being impacted by out there in the blogging world, twittersphere or in podcast-land?  What tools are you using that you’ve found to be super helpful?  Come on!  Don’t keep it to yourself, share the love, leave a comment.

Here’s what I’ve found to be super helpful this week.

This week’s favorites

Blog: This week I’m loving this post from Gary Thomas’ blog: Does “In Love” Really Matter?  Check it out.  It is a great read.  Love

Twitter: Jon Acuff  This guy is endlessly funny and is definitely worth following!  He wrote the wildly popular blog stuffchristianslike, and then the follow up book Stuff Christians Like.  I’m excited to see what projects he works on next.  Stuff Christians Like

Book: The Accidental Creative  I haven’t read this book yet.  It is on my short list to read.  I have it sitting on my shelf looking at me each and every time I sit down.  I am surrounded by incredibly creative people at work and at home.  Have you read my wife’s blog?  She’s ridiculously creative.  I can’t wait for you to see some of the things that she’s got rolling out soon!  I’d love to learn how to be more creative, I think that this book might help.  Creativity

Website:  Why do I feel so much more productive and creative when I am sitting in my corner at the Chestnut Cafe, or in the comfy leather armchairs at Starbucks?  Well, you can bring the background noise to the comfort of your own earbuds.  Check it out over at  I love loading this website up early in the morning when I am cranking stuff out.

helpful tools

Podcast: Unseminary Podcast: Recently Rich Birch interviewed Jenni Catron from Crosspoint Church on the Internal life of church leaders.  I loved hearing some of the things that she had to say.  Check this interview out here, or subscribe to the podcast here.

Rich Birch, Podcast


Your turn!  Who are you following, reading, listening to, discussing, or being impacted by?  Or, what tools are you using to help you be more productive?


Follow Friday

#followfridayOkay, let’s do a little community development.  Who are you guys listening to and being impacted by out there in the blogging world, twittersphere or in podcast-land?  Let’s do each other a favor and leave a comment about your favorite blog to be reading, person to follow, helpful/fun podcast you’re listening to, or book you are reading.

I’ll go first…

Here is a quick list of some of my favorites:

Blog:  This is Pete Wilson’s blog.  Pete is the lead pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville TN.  I love the way that this dude communicates, and writes.  I also love the way that he parents his kids and loves his wife.  Check out his blog.

Pete Wilson

Twitter: J.R. Briggs–  J.R. is a friend of mine, he’s a church planter, author, thinker, question-asker, and an all around godly dude.  He’s a Phillies phan, but I think you can get over that.  He asks some great questions that make you go: Hmm…  Follow him.

Church Planter

Podcast: Stuff You Should Know–  This is a fun little podcast.  These guys Chuck and Josh explain all kinds of things and how they work.  I particularly liked their podcast on cicada’s and my second favorite was their podcast on coffins.  Check it out.


Book: Hazardous: This is an awesome book on the cost of discipleship.  I have read it through once and now I want to go back and read it again!  It’s that good.  Read it.

Derek Cooper

Now, I want to hear your recommendations.  You don’t have to have answers to all four categories, or maybe you have one that I haven’t posted about yet.  Let’s hear them!


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