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My God, Why?

Have you ever wondered why God allows pain in your life?  Or have you ever asked God “Why?”  Recently I had the privilege of being able to share a message with my church looking at these exact questions.  It is overwhelming to think about how many of us wake up each and every day in pain.  Pain comes in all forms: physical pain, emotional pain, or even spiritual pain.  But God hasn’t left us alone in our pain.  Nor has God been silent in our pain.

God knows all about pain.  And God loves you enough to say you will never be alone in your pain.  For more, check out that message below…


Carry the Conversation

Good morning!  So, monday spilled over into tuesday… just a wee bit. Sorry!  Anyway, Happy Easter everyone.  I hope that you all had a great time with friends and family celebrating the Hope that we have in Jesus Christ!  If you were not able to be there Sunday for the Five, you can go here and listen to the sermon.  Then join the conversation.  As you know, I love to carry the conversation over from Sunday and really dig in and benefit from one another’s thoughts and conversation.  So, text me a question next time… You can control the conversation… It’s like a choose your own ending novel!  Let’s roll.  

I got this sweet little vibration in my pocket while preaching, asking this: “Not sure that it was God’s plan.  I think that scripture points out that this was Gods plan A.  Humanly speaking it was the disciples plan b but in God’s word this was His plan A.  Thoughts?”

I don’t believe that Easter was God’s plan A.  I actually would disagree with you.  In love of course…  See, here’s the way I read it.  Up until Genesis 3:7 Adam and Eve lived in a sinless state.  This is the stage of humanity known as the age of innocence.  Or more plainly put, it was a sin free environment.  Sin did not exist in humans hearts until Genesis 3:7.  I believe that God’s original intent, or His plan A was for humanity to live in a sinless state.  Due to our sin, we created a need for a Plan B.  Since God is a loving God one who desires a relationship with each and every one of us, He rolled out Plan B.  That is the plan that we celebrate every year, Easter.  

“When you said that you can’t find the plan anywhere in the Bible what did you mean?  The entire Old Testament is filled with references to Easter being the plan of redemption, with Jesus the sacrificial lamb, crucified, and resurrected.  Not sure I follow your first comments.”

I agree with you absolutely.  I agree 100%.  However, what I was trying to say was that in the first 62 verses of the Bible, which summarizes the entire age of innocence, we do not find one illusion to the fact that this plan, Jesus death on a cross, is what was desired.  

From this point on however, it is clear that Jesus is the sacrificial lamb, the Messiah, who has come to pay the penalty for my sins.  I thank God for what He did for me.   However, I believe that it was only because of my sin that Jesus hung on the cross to die.  I don’t think that God had this as a part of His plan A.  I believe He foreknew it, but did not plan it.  I think we with our own free will messed that one up.   I came across a video on Carlos Whittaker’s Blog.  It is very challenging.  It made me really think about my sin that drove Christ to the cross.  

I loved our conversation today.  Don’t ever just take my word for it…  Think for yourself… It’s okay to disagree.  That is what makes the Body of Christ so beautiful.  We are so diverse!  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do next.  You?  

I love you guys!  


True Love

Here is a great music video by one of my favorite artists, Phil Whickham.  I love the lyrics, and the video is powerful.  I would have loved to have had this in my hands to use at our Vepsers service a few weeks ago.  Ah well… Check it out.

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