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My God, Why?

Have you ever wondered why God allows pain in your life?  Or have you ever asked God “Why?”  Recently I had the privilege of being able to share a message with my church looking at these exact questions.  It is overwhelming to think about how many of us wake up each and every day in pain.  Pain comes in all forms: physical pain, emotional pain, or even spiritual pain.  But God hasn’t left us alone in our pain.  Nor has God been silent in our pain.

God knows all about pain.  And God loves you enough to say you will never be alone in your pain.  For more, check out that message below…


Averagé > Hipster

I work with a bunch of rockstars here at Liquid Church.  I mean seriously, look at this guy!  Pastor Aussie Dave not only has a heart for worship, but he has a heart for shredding!

Pastor Dave Adamson

Pastor Dave Adamson

Then there is this guy.  Pastor Tom is nothing but energy and personality!  I love being around him.  You are sure to have a good time and be cared about along the way.  I mean his twitter name is @kangsta!  Who wouldn’t love a guy with the name @Kangsta?

Tom Kang, Kangsta

I could go on…

The only thing that would make these guys any better was if they wore a little more Averagé.  Because Averagé > Hipster.  And here’s the proof.


(ht: Tyler Stanton’s blog  He’s hysterical!  Show him some love…)

Vanilla Ice and My Son

Okay, for real.  I’m jealous of all you people out there who have awesome hair.  It is not that you’ve got incredible hair per say, it is the fact that you can do something with it.  You can style it.  I have been shaving my head for over 4 years now not because I want to be prematurely bald.  No, I have been shaving my head because my hair simply will not style in any other way.  I grew up with a comb over, I tried the shaggy surfer hair, and I would say for a vast majority of my adult life I’ve had chia pet hair.  You know the kind that just poofs out.

I have vowed that Noah will not inherit my comb over, or the chia pet hair cut.  So, since the other day he started to look like this guy… We decided that something must be done.  So, we busted out the clippers and I went to work.  He sure was a trooper. Here’s how it went down.  (Barber of Seville style)

Just so you know, I’m open for business, if you are looking for a new do!



For the first time…

This is an unbelievable video.  It’s video’s like this that make YouTube worth it.

Here’s the story…  About three months ago, this woman who was born deaf, gets her hearing back through the form of a hearing implant.  The video shows it all.  As you watch it, what strikes you about this video?  There is something incredible about this that stirs me.

I’d love to hear your reactions.


Explosive Art

[HT: Collide]

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