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Volume Control

volume noise knobMy house can be a very noisy place to live.  There are 3 kids, 2 adults, and one dog living under this roof.  From the moment the kids wake up until the moment they go to sleep they are creating noise.  It is amazing the things that they have that make noise.  Hands raking through a tray of legos, baby bottles that cry and suck, Super Mario Bros bouncing their way through their mission of squashing advesaries and collecting coins… And then there is the piano.  Holy toledo!  What an amazingly loud household we have here. My kids are not to blame, I contribute to the noise level here as well.  I’ve got music playing in the kitchen, alerts dinging on my phone, Jimmy Fallon on the TV, and my voice rambling along at million miles a minute.  In the background of all this, is the traffic and activity of the world around me.  Motorcycles showing off just how loud they can be, people yelling at the bank teller nearby, and horns honking because the person didn’t move through the recently turned green light quick enough.  It’s a noisy life.  Continue reading

Logos of Major Brands– It’s Time To Be Honest…

Let’s just be honest, these logo’s reflect a bit more accurately what’s actually going on.  These were too good not to share.

Funny Nintendo Logo

Funny Playstation Logo

Funny Youtube Logo

Funny MTV Logo

Funny McDonalds Logo

Funny Facebook Logo

Windows Logo Redesigned

What brands are missing?  What would you tag them as?



(designed by: Victor H.)

Averagé > Hipster

I work with a bunch of rockstars here at Liquid Church.  I mean seriously, look at this guy!  Pastor Aussie Dave not only has a heart for worship, but he has a heart for shredding!

Pastor Dave Adamson

Pastor Dave Adamson

Then there is this guy.  Pastor Tom is nothing but energy and personality!  I love being around him.  You are sure to have a good time and be cared about along the way.  I mean his twitter name is @kangsta!  Who wouldn’t love a guy with the name @Kangsta?

Tom Kang, Kangsta

I could go on…

The only thing that would make these guys any better was if they wore a little more Averagé.  Because Averagé > Hipster.  And here’s the proof.


(ht: Tyler Stanton’s blog  He’s hysterical!  Show him some love…)

The Domes of the Rock

Recently I was in the Holy Land with my cohort from Biblical Theological Seminary.  I was sent this picture from a friend of mine who went along with us.  I couldn’t help but share it with you.  I like to call this one the domes of the rock.

(That’s some good seminary humor for you…  For help in understanding why, figure out what my name means.)  

That’s the best I could do.  Maybe you have a better tag line.  Let’s hear em!


Old Man+Techno=The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I enjoy laughing.  One of my favorite lines that my 4 year old daughter Grace says is, “Daddy be silly to me.”  What she is really saying is, “Daddy make me laugh.”  I of course oblige and send her into a fit of laughter.

I needed a good laugh.  I found this guy and it gave me exactly what I needed.  I hope that if you need a minute to be silly go ahead and watch this guy.  But note the other people in the room and what they are doing.  I love it.

Your Welcome,


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