I’ve been chatting a lot on social media about goals this past week.  It’s still the beginning of the year, which means that there is still a lot of energy being applied to meeting the goals we’ve made.  This is good! We should keep pressing towards our goals.  I wrote about why I’ve given up on resolutions and switched to goals over here.  Read that for the back story…

Goals are the type of thing that if you miss the mark, you just do a little mid-course correction.  I have a friend who has a great saying in life…  “Just monitor and adjust”.  That’s the way that goals are.  If you mess up by say driving through Chick-Fil-A and ordering a deluxe chicken sandwhich with a large lemonade, and a large fry, there is always a fresh start, and a chance to continue eating healthy.  Not that that happened…

This past week I instagramed a few pics as I’m taking steps towards my #2015Goals.


IMG_6397 IMG_6398

Funny thing is, you may not understand just how risky those pictures are in my world.  But they are a big part of achieving my goals for 2015.  More on that later…

Here’s my #2015Goals…

  1. Be healthier: Mentally, Physically, & Spiritually.  This one probably doesn’t need a lot of explanation.  At the end of the year I want to be in better physical shape than when I started the year.  Unfortunately, that won’t be too hard for me.  Mentally, I want to focus on being positive and less stressed this next year.  Spiritually I want to follow Jesus more and more each and every day.  I want to love Jesus more this time next year than I do right now.  I want to be increasingly more faithful to what He’s called me to throughout this year.
  2. Read through the New Testament.  I love the New Testament.  God has been writing a story from Genesis to Revelation, but I love that as the Church we find ourselves in the New Testament, and I want to be more and more familiar with it.
  3. Risk more.  Sometimes it becomes so easy to live a safe life.  A life that has goals so low that it would be impossible to miss them.  It is easy to say “No” to dreams and visions you have simply because they could cost something.   These types of goals could hurt a bit, or make you uncomfortable.  Maybe I’ll get made fun of by friends, or colleagues.  Or what will my family think?  I’ve been cooking up some ideas, some things that I want to do, but they seem risky to me.  Well, this is the year that I’m going to have courage and RISK MORE!
  4. Memorize 20 verses.  I want to have scripture constantly on my mind, and in my heart.  I always admired my dad faithfully taking out his verse cards and setting those verses to memory.  I want more of that!
  5. Consistently blog and thoughtfully express content.  I know that I’m healthiest when I am taking things in and also putting things out.  What I mean is, I love to read, but I also love to write, speak, teach, etc.  So, this certainly helps me with my first goal of being healthier.  And I’d love to have your help with this one.  What are some things that you think I should write/talk about?

So what about you?  What are you shooting for this year?  What are your #2015goals?  Drop them in a comment, share them on instagram/facebook/twitter, and use the hashtag #2015goals.  I’d love to hear what you are focused on this year.