ListsHere are some of the things that have been on my radar…   There is no rhyme, or reason.  This is just a list of things that I’ve been digging and checking out.


This is an incredible note taking application for the iPad.  It allows me to keep a digital notebook that is searchable and is linked up to evernote!  They sell a bluetooth pen that you can use to connect up to allow for better writing…  I’d love to check that out, but so far I’m using the JUST Moblie stylus and it is working well.  The beauty of this is it allows for note taking the way you would with a pen and paper, but it can be organized even better, and you aren’t lugging around a heavy notebook.  Peace out 3 ring binder… Hello Penultimate.Bahia Honda State Park Flordia

My wife, Tiffany, and I headed to florida to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary.  That is an incredible place.  I loved hanging out on the beach, and walking around in tank tops, and flip flops…  But the real gem of Florida was Bahia Honda State Park.  It was like I was whisked away to a tropical island.  There was some great snorkeling and crystal clear water there.  We were even able to take a snorkeling trip out of the park to a reef 3 miles off shore.  So awesome.  When can I go back???

No One Higher by Seth Condrey

This song has been on repeat just about everyday… It is a great reminder to me that God is the greatest, the strongest, the most loving, and the highest.  I love how the song starts off and allows me to feel the emotions before it builds and crescendos ultimately pulling me in to a great time of worship.  You need to add this to your times of worship.

Relevant Magazine- Ipad Edition

Major Props to the guys over at Relevant.  They won me over.  They made the experience of reading a magazine on the iPad something magical.  I know that I am late to the party, likely you’ve all enjoyed the content that our friends over at Relevant are pumping out, but you need to check it out on the iPad.  I bet you’ll ditch your print subscription in a heart beat.  The thing that sold me is the extra content that is only deliverable through a digital medium, such as, inline videos, extended interviews, flash graphics, and a seamless interface.  Check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.

What are you into these days?  Write a post on your blog and link up, or leave your stuff in a comment.  I love to hear what others are digging.