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My Top 10 Favorite Worship Songs

Worship Music

We have been singing some great music here at my church recently.  I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite songs that we’ve been using during our worship times.  There is something about music that stirs me deep inside and these are a few of the songs that do that!  Our worship pastor, Jason Yost said that music is a sort of mobile theology.  I love that…  We get to take these songs with us and play them over and over again in our heads…  reviewing theology!

Here’s my top 10 favorite worship songs right now…


What songs are on your list? 




  1. One of the reasons songs are so captivating is that both ‘sides’ of your brain are affected: the artsy melody and the mental words. I have been a proponent of caution in choosing music in the church because it is so powerful. The theology should be correct. One small twist and a life can be damaged.

  2. Love Break Every Chain and Oceans, and I’m loving End Of Days off of the Hillsong Young & Free album right now. BUT I must say, my two (because I can’t choose just one) favorite worship songs of all time are 1. Come Thou Fount, and 2. Revelation Song

  3. Oceans is a beautiful song also can’t forget The Stand

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