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Self Discipline: Part 2

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Yesterday I started a conversation on self discipline.  Click over here to read it.  Today I wanted to pick up with 2 more areas of life that need to be disciplined…


Everyone has a spiritual life.  Not everyone has a disciplined spiritual life.  Even people who do not believe in the God of the Bible, or any god for that matter have a spiritual life.  God created us that way.  He created us to long for Him and to live our lives in a way that pleases Him.  Along the way we have stripped down our spiritual life.  We have hijacked things that rightly belong to God and we have taken them for our own.  A spiritually disciplined life is ruthlessly committed to restoring what rightly belongs to God.  This happens in so many different areas.  To many to list out in this one post.

A spiritually disciplined life will have to do more than simply crack open your Bible once and a while to read through some passage that you flipped open to.  It is more than checking the ‘morning devotions’ box.  It is about setting your soul right in line with God.  A lazy spiritual life has no idea what God is doing around them, where as a disciplined spiritual life is in tune with not only what God is doing around them, but also what He may be saying and directing them to do.

For me, I try to remain spiritually sharp by reading the Bible.  Not by just reading it, but by allowing God’s word to penetrate into my heart and focus all of the blurry areas.  I journal what God has been putting on my heart so that I can look back on it and one day my kids can look back on how God moved in my own life.  I pray!  I try to utilize my commute time to be talking to God about my worries, fears, concerns, and anxious thoughts.


Our bodies are the temple of God, and the Holy Spirit lives inside of me that’s true.  That’s not the only reason why we should be concerned with our physical body.  We are alive and breathing for one primary reason, that is to bring honor and glory to God.  (Romans 12:2) I believe that the great commission in Matthew 28, going to all the world and preaching the gospel, applies to everybody not just ministry professionals.

If we are unhealthy, then the chances of us doing that for a longer time are pretty slim.  (Or you might say there is a fat chance of that happening)  Physical discipline does not mean that we will all have a ripped body, like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.  It means that we are disciplined about what we put in our bodies, how we maintain them, and how we take care of them.

For me this means that I have to eat right.  Thanks to our CSA box, even I am stuck at the table until I finish all of my veggies!  I need to exercise.  Lately my exercise has been going out for a run.  Tiffany and I have been doing a couch to 5k program, and I am 4 weeks into it and I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Running will never be a joy to me, but when it is all said and done, I feel good that I spit in the face of the lazy me and pushed through it.  I also need to make sure that I am getting the right amount of sleep.  This means that I need to be aware of when I go to bed.  I don’t count sheep, but I do count how many hours I will get if I go to bed at that time. Then I ask is that enough?

Which of these two are you doing better at?  Which do you enjoy more?



  1. Yesterday’s disciplines were easy for me. I love to read and think and process new material, and as a budding counselor, I’m pretty emotionally healthy. Today’s? Ouch! Sure I read the Bible every day. but do I really soak in it and mediate on it? Not so much. And we just won’t talk about the physical side… I have some work to do in these two areas. Thanks for the challenge.

    • Thanks for your honesty! This is the tough work… Remaining disciplined is incredibly difficult. I’m totally convinced of it. But I’m also convinced that it’s worth it.

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