Owning up to the truth is always a good thing.  So today in an effort to be totally transparent with you guys, I must admit something.

There are times when I make my kids cry….

Kid Crying, TearsIt’s true.  This is a picture of my daughter taken on Monday of this week.  She looks really happy doesn’t she?  I think that being a good dad, or parent means that you are going to make your kids cry from time to time!

Here are 4 reasons why it’s good to make your kids cry.

1.  They are laughing so hard that they cry!

Parents-make your kids laugh, make them laugh hard!  Your house should be one of the most fun places that your children are at during their whole week!  Dad’s make sure that your stern disciplinarian side isn’t the only side of you that your kids see.  Play with them.  Get down on their level and just mess around.  Be silly. Use your silly voices.  Imagine with them.

2.  You pushed them out of the way of danger!

There are times when your scary voice comes out.  You know exactly which one I am talking about.  It is the one that when it is used everyone around knows you mean business.  There are times when it is appropriate to allow that voice to come out in order to protect your children from danger.  When my daughter Grace was careening out of control towards the street on her bike, the scary voice came out and scared her.  She cried.  I was trying to protect her from danger.  Parents protect your kids from danger, even if it means there will be tears because of it.

3.  You showed them a better way!

Kids will be kids.  They make mistakes.  They fall down and scrape their knees.  Sometimes their mistakes are willful.  Sometimes they are pushing the boundaries and testing you to see if you will help show them a better way.  In these moments lovingly guiding your child, teaching them that their is a better way can lead to tears.  Discipline is never fun, even for adults.  But it is so important to our children.  Parents do not be afraid to cause tears over matters that are significant.

4.  You are hugging them so tight that they can’t breath!

Okay Parents DON’T actually hug your kids so hard that they can’t breathe.  Parents DO– LOVE YOU KIDS so well that it is unmistakable.  Love them in a way that ensures that they know it.  Speak the love language of your kid.  (Gary Chapman wrote a great book on this topic: “The 5 Love Languages of Children“)  Whatever you do make sure that they know you love them.  This means more than just saying the words I LOVE YOU.  It means showing them that you love them.  Something my dad always said which has never left me was that you don’t spell love L-O-V-E.  You spell it T-I-M-E.  Love your kids well.

So, what things would you add to the list?  How have you made your kids cry?  Add to the list by leaving a comment or a thought below.