I work with a bunch of rockstars here at Liquid Church.  I mean seriously, look at this guy!  Pastor Aussie Dave not only has a heart for worship, but he has a heart for shredding!

Pastor Dave Adamson

Pastor Dave Adamson

Then there is this guy.  Pastor Tom is nothing but energy and personality!  I love being around him.  You are sure to have a good time and be cared about along the way.  I mean his twitter name is @kangsta!  Who wouldn’t love a guy with the name @Kangsta?

Tom Kang, Kangsta

I could go on…

The only thing that would make these guys any better was if they wore a little more Averagé.  Because Averagé > Hipster.  And here’s the proof.


(ht: Tyler Stanton’s blog  He’s hysterical!  Show him some love…)