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My Axioms (just slightly less cool than Bill Hybels’)

One of the best leadership reads that I have laid eyes upon was a book by Bill Hybels called Axioms.  I would highly recommend that you pick it up and read it.  It is a great read, it is quick, short chapters.  (I like that!)  They may be short, but don’t be fooled.  Those babies are chock filled with tons of wisdom.

After reading his book of axioms, I decided that I would write a few of my own.  I give you, a few of my own axioms.  I’ve come up with/collected these over the past several years.  They probably aren’t all original thoughts, but they have been adapted and tweaked to fit my life.

  • People matter more than process
  • There will be times when I need to give up the right to be right
  • Love the way that I have been loved (1 Jn 4:19)
  • I usually find out my wife is right two months after she speaks
  • View present ministry with a lifetime perspective
  • It is more about being with God than doing things for God
  • When conflict arises, relationships must rise more

What pearls of wisdom do you have?  Let’s hear some of your axioms.



  1. Grace wins.

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